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Paint Brush vs Technology: The Dilemma

Ok.  So 6 or so months ago my external hard drive decided not to open.  The one that has my entire Catalog of 23,000 photos in it.  Many things have been tried to encourage cooperation, but next it's off to a data recovery service.  Meanwhile it was replaced with a brand new bigger better external hard drive, holding now, 6,000 images.  These two devices hold my entire life's work in the digital format.  Last weekend that hard drive decided it was done too.  DOA.  However before it died it took my 6 month old Macbook Pro with it, corrupting my MabookPro beyond any reasonable fix.  

I have a few backups scattered in various clouds but no where near my entire oeuvre.

Apple was kind enough to squeeze me in at the Genius Bar, well, I did a walk-in at 1:00 pm on a Saturday after a big launch of a new product, so squeeze they did and I was finally talking with a very nice tech guy by 6 pm.  Two hours later the laptop had advanced no further in rehabilitation and was admitted overnight for emergency repair.  I spent nearly 8 hours waiting for that grim diagnosis.

Text Inspiration.jpg


Well, that's now fixed and back in business and I'm-on-this-lovely-trip-and-my-lovely-Canon-camera-that-I adore-has-decided-to-give-me-an-error-message-I-have-never-seen-before-and-just.  Stop.  Working.  

I can take one photo, maybe two, and then have to reload the battery.  Really.  I am not making this up. So I began thinking; holding a paintbrush or pencil is WAAAAAY less hassle then pushing the shutter button and storing it "safely" away, who knew?  I'm going to order one of those cute white jackets where you hug yourself and they tie in the back....I'm sure I made an indelible mark on the Apple technician when it all just became TOO MUCH, and I blinked fast and hard to keep the tears in a respectable place.  I've heard of people that give off some sort of electrical impulse that can make stuff go haywire when they just walk in a room....but I thought that only happened on the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits or some weird old made-up show like that.  It had not occurred to me this may have truth to it and I am either incredibly unlucky or incredibly gifted at influencing technology at it's worst, because this is not the first, or second time it as happened.  It is the third.

Still, I enjoy technology, it's fun and the possibilities are endless, when it works it's nearly a best friend.  When it doesn't work, it fast becomes your worst enemy.   All your work, your most beautiful memories, the family births, the joyous weddings, faraway places or close-to-home travels, the trials and triumphs and tribulations of everyday life, or the cherished last photo of someone special is at risk of being lost forever; one has to wonder where we are headed in this ever-more complicated technologically connected world.  Is it learning the ultimate "let-go," to burn into one's memory the moments we wish to retain, with no documented record for posterity of the event itself?  Is that not the way we were, 200 years ago and for all time before that, when an itinerant artist would set about the business of recording images in paint?  People of importance, popes and presidents, people in everyday life, mysterious people (are we really sure they have finally identified Mona?) bustling European harbors and towns, the horrors of battle and the rigors of rural life were forever played out upon canvas, or perhaps chalked upon cave walls to record life as the artist knew it.  I'm currently writing from the beautiful state of rural New York, home to the Hudson River School of Painters, some of the finest landscape artists this country has ever known.  Cole, Bierstadt, Moran and Inness spring to mind, and the incredible beauty they observed and painstakingly depicted, often against all odds, showed us our young country in all the majestic wilderness of the 1800's.

With a simple paintbrush, some pigment and a canvas.  In a suit.

Meanwhile, my dear readers, you might end up with a written description of the beauty before my eyes; one that you can imagine all within your own ends eye!!  Will it be as exciting?  Will anyone read a blog these days not fortified with a photo?  

Makes one think.....doesn't it?  

Love to All!