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The World is Falling Apart, the Political Process is Falling Apart....

Originally Published 4.15.16  Republished 11.16
What a year and we’re only four months in!  The world is falling apart, the political process is falling apart, my body seems to be falling apart…what’s left, right?  Well, all three will survive I’m sure to say, not so sure about my beautiful-possibly-virgin-maple though.  It's been a long winter.
We have the aforementioned beautiful big silver leaf maple in our yard, matter of fact it was one of the reasons we bought this old farmhouse.  Now, you’re thinking it couldn’t possibly be a virgin maple, right?  I mean those are really REALLY old trees.  Well, my girl has a waistline of 16 feet 6 inches and still growing (circumference), she’s surely the pride of the yard!  Until, that is, we were hit with a freak ice storm a few weeks ago, and left us pondering the wisdom of purchasing a house with such a gigantic tree right next to it! 

I heard the cracks and felt the thunderous roll of branches and limbs hitting the roof,  Sophie and I watched in horror as our yard with all mature trees became littered with one branch after another.  When it was over we went out to survey the damage and while the roof of the house was spared, our garage roof had quite a gouge.  Standing inside you could see sky, that’s never good!  Plaster and wires hung down all over the place!  But beyond the garage is my modest studio, and it laid crushed under a fallen “limb” of our beautiful virgin maple, a limb that measured 5 feet in circumference!  While everything inside the studio was okay, plaster was falling from the ceiling.  It clearly was hit hard and sort of “buckled” under the blow.  That was several weeks ago and we are still uncovering damage despite a fabulous job of cleanup from our tree guys Gollnick & Sons and the LaRosa landscaping team. 

And so, looking at the tree as she stood then, with part of this “trunk-limb” still hanging over the garage, the decision was made to cut the rest of that limb off for safety sake.  I winced when I heard that and had held firmly protective for over 25 years, but what was left was far larger than what had fallen.  So off she came in pieces.  It took three guys 8 hours but when it was over, I knew we made the right decision.  Hollow to the core, one more good storm and we’d have had no garage either.

© 2016 Patrice Herbst

© 2016 Patrice Herbst

The yard and tree taken are taken care of now, and plans are being made for repairs to the studio and garage starting with lifting the roof off my studio to assess the damage to the rafters and such. While my entire studio really was a modest 13’ x 13’, it held over 40 years of art supplies, papers, paints, a fabulous mahogany hand-made easel and paint table, a still life table and file cabinet!  That’s not even taking in the closet….
And it all lives in the house now, the basement, the library, the back hall…..yikes!
We keep reminding ourselves no one was hurt, and the unimaginable heartache people all over the world must feel when they lose entire homes and neighborhoods to fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes...What's a little hole in the roof, right?
But in the end all should be better and more beautiful than it was before, a true Kintsugi work in progress!  While I'm waiting I continue to pursue my obsession with metalpoint drawing, with luck I'll have some to post here very soon!  Meanwhile be well and be happy!
Love to All!