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An Un-Average Tree

Originally Published 8.31.16  Republished 11.16

So here's the Big Girl that started it all!  I had to use the panorama feature to get her all in, but her crown is wider still!  She (for some reason I feel strongly my tree is a she-tree) is as old as the hills with a circumfrence at my eye level of 16.5 feet!  A simple silver maple we were once told by a very smart science guy could be a virgin maple, perhaps 400 to 500 years old!  She has been home to hundreds of gray squirrels, birds of all kinds, red squirrels that made her limbs look like lace, several old-fasioned swings and one broken arm.  Quite possibly the cause of limb loss, the red squirrels have chewed holes into her branches (which measure 4 to 5 feet around or the average size of a regular tree!!) causing weakened areas where she is susceptible to water damage and insect infestations like carpenter ants.  

In truth, we bought the house 26 years ago mostly for that tree!  Our whole family fell in love with the tree and the house just sort of came with it, so we said okay!  She stands tall in all her glory, and we, the unsuspecting naive humans, decided to build the garage and studio under her!  I'm a tree hugger and for the most part we coexist very well, until Mother Nature unleashed a very nasty ice storm in March, and a few of her weakened "trunks-limbs" fell atop our garage and my studio, breaking 11 rafters and bowing out the walls 2 inches!

Well, one thing leads to another and that vicious storm led to a beautiful studio expansion that doubled its size, a wonderful garage (if you can call a garage wonderful!) a walkway and the replacement of a patio that just wasn't working for us anymore!  None of this is 100% finished so photos are yet to come.  Thank you to everyone who has stopped me in a store, at the vet, or sent me an email or message asking how things are progressing!  For now, thats an accurate update!

Meanwhile ideas for new artwork are germinating away, can't wait to go back to play...er...work!

Be well and love to all!