Musing Haiku

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Musing Haiku

Traditional 17 Syllable Japanese Haiku on the Reflections of Life

Born on shooting star
Flying high over Universe
Becomes one with air. 

Child, she is no more
Grown, her own path to follow
One may say no more. 

Grandsons dear to my heart
Growing into fine young men
One day child is gone. 

Hiding from her life
Little girl in woman's shell
Child within, she cries

Joy, sorrows of life
Beautiful sensitive soul
Tears run within you. 

Silent victory
Covered, strong her own way
Peace Warrior indeed. 

Homeward dove fly home
Life waits so patiently now
Find your way sweet bird   

Present moments are
A shared gift of ones heart soul
Touching another

Tea bowls rest, waiting
Quiet stillness, pungent sage
One day soon, they say

Heart, broken open
Betrayed by love again

Loving beings may be
Spirits of all betrayal
Toxic to my soul. 

Dance home, dance tonight  
Dance me to the moonlit skies.  
Dance me to smile, dance

Gestate, let it go. 
Rewrite the story, let go. 
Let go, set it free.

Mother Earth pleased
Bare feet run soft on her breast
Breeze blows gentle her trees

Colors come to rest
Turn soft to muted grays
Earth rests, sleeping still

Fog hovers on edge
Hay fresh cut, thickens the air
Moment of stillness

Earth rhythms unfold
Hands of man dot the landscape
Forever is changed

Colors race on the wind
Swirl, float gently down, rest
Carpeting earths' form

Snowing yellow leaves
Connects the body to earth
Birth, life, death, rebirth

Golden, last leaf clings
Shudders, releases gracefully
Our cycle renews

Good Morning my world
Crack in clouds, slice of sun smiles
Hope springs eternal 

Early morning fire
Warms the coldness I carry
Day begins again

Chill sets in the night
Warmth, a fleeting memory
Marrying two seasons 

Inside looking out
Cold wind blows gusts, trees shudder
Moaning, winter nears  

Time, I hear nothing
In presence, present moment
In stillness waters rush

I will smile someday
I will smile in the face of fear
I will smile, today. 


It was long ago
Forty-six years have passed
She never forgot.

My memory, still.
Think what those dinners were for
Pay back.  She screamed NO!

A price will be paid
In His Eternal Judgement
Lies in stench of filth