Why Broken?

It is the Divine in the human spirit that makes us more beautiful after we're broken. Our bodies are called out for suffering, surgeries, with broken parts, diseased parts, lost parts. We lose our memories, have our hearts broken, our spirits become embattled. We mirror the cycle of nature, springing forth in birth, the innocence of youth, the strength and glories of summer. We begin to stoop and stiffen as we approach the call of our autumnal years and finally we become as fragile as the withered winter leaf. These are our challenges, yet we continue to rise to meet them.  We rise stronger and with dignity. We rise with grace and integrity. The human spirit will emerge enlightened from its brokenness; rising mended, more complete in its facets, and more beautiful for its journey.

"In the end my work isn't about beauty, it's about brokeness, and the beauty that comes from it."

-Patrice Herbst on Kintsugi Artwork - 2015