“For me, art is a rich & passionate love affair, an obsession. It can consume & frustrate, soothe & console. A voice from somewhere deep inside, it is the place where private thought and intense emotion are allowed free reign, and imagination knows no boundaries.” - Patrice Herbst

Patrice Herbst

Patrice Herbst

It is a fortunate life that is spent witnessing and recording the world as one sees it, whether by photo, media or written word.  I have studied the elegance of form and the magic luminescence of light, receding, advancing, reflecting. The mystery of shadows, the drama of chiaroscuro and the tragic beauty of Kintsugi are part of my transitive world.

With a passionate love for art, and a seemingly restless and sometimes rebellious spirit, I present my humble observations for your viewing and enjoyment.

Addendum 2019: My current works is of the abstract genre, a somewhat unintentional change! Having recently fractured my right arm in three places (yep! this artist is right-handed!) I knew if I wanted to continue painting it would involve teaching my left hand to do so. A hidden gift lingered there, and the sensuous abstraction pieces shown here are the amazing, yet unpredictable outcome.