It is a fortunate life that is spent witnessing and recording the world as one sees it, whether by photo, paint or written word.  I have studied the elegance of form and the magic luminescence of light, receding, advancing, reflecting, slivers of light.... the mystery of shadows, the drama of chiaroscuro and the tragic beauty of Kintsugi.  With a passionate love for art, and a seemingly restless and sometimes rebellious spirit, I present my humble observations for you to peruse.  Whether the abstract world Beneath My Feet,  the meditative qualities in  Stillness of Place, or the intricacies of Detail.... perhaps the wonders of Drawing and Painting or the wandering through life while Musing Haiku.....  

It is a fantastically rewarding & creative life.


Triquestra - Divine Feminine © PatriceHerbst 2017